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A note on the URBAN SAFARI collection by our designer :

Africa is a continent that is immense. Both in size and diversity.  When we are asked to think of Africa in colours, we often think of it in Kalahari desert  ‘golden browns’ and sand colours, ‘Serengeti plains’ savanna colours or even the emerald colours of the rain forests. And it’s true : our ‘Capetown collection’ has mostly taken it’s inspiration from these natural colours.

For our “Urban Safari’ collection, however, I wanted to look at Africa differently. This time  I took cues and inspiration not from Africa’s natural pallet, but from the continents’ wonderful People. What I saw when meeting them was different, mesmerizing and very unexpected. Colour seemed to be very much part of them and is seen everywhere around them : from the traditional colourful painted houses of the Bokaap area, the graphically painted Ndebele houses to the psychedelic coloured zulu wire baskets, kenya’s kikoy fabrics and zulu beadwork. It is just amazing ....

The people who inspired this collection are true artists, often working with very little to create handcrafted works of art. Their creative power was both the inspiration and main driving force behind this new collection that combines tradition and colour to create an updated and a younger,more urban look.  I think the time is right for all of us to start invigorating our decors with a little colour by adding an ‘Urban Safari’ accent.

I will admit that I am not the first person to be inspired by the colours of Africa and neither will I be the last. Capetown in South Africa is set to be the World design Capital of the year in 2014 and I can promise you that you will hear and see a lot more of what this amazingly creative continent has to offer.

Please fee free to contact me directly if you have any questions or remarks and I hope that you enjoy browsing this collection as much as I had creating it.

Olivier Dauwe

Lead designer  for

Idliving designs.

Collection Privee.

Zulu wire baskets

Colourful African fabrics

Bokaap region

Ndebele painted house